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Friday, 18 May 2012

Review: Arise (Hereafter #2) by Tara Hudson

Release Date: June 5, 2012
Publisher: Harper Collins
Rating: YA 13+
Genre: Romance, Paranormal (Ghosts), Fantasy
Pages: 404

Amelia—still caught between life and death—must fight for every moment of her relationship with the human boy Joshua. They can hardly even kiss without Amelia accidentally dematerializing. Looking for answers, they go to visit some of Joshua’s Seer relatives in New Orleans. But even in a city so famously steeped in the supernatural, Amelia ends up with more questions than answers…and becomes increasingly convinced that she and Joshua can never have a future together.Wandering through the French Quarter, Amelia meets other in-between ghosts, and begins to seriously consider joining them. And then she meets Gabrielle. Somehow, against impossible odds, Gaby has found a way to live a sort of half-life...a half-life for which Amelia would pay any price. Torn between two worlds, Amelia must choose carefully, before the evil spirits of the netherworld choose for her.

                                **This review is based on an Advance Readers Copy**

**This review may contain spoilers for those who haven't read the previous book**

First of all, let me just say, the cover. Holy macaroni, I love it!! It's perfect for Arise and Hereafter... so stunning and so beautiful.

Arise is the hauntingly beautiful sequel to Hereafter. Filled with an intense romance and suspense that will keep you on the edge of your seat till the very end, Arise will leave you breathless and wanting so much more.

Hereafter was honestly like no other ghost story I ever read, and I am just so thrilled that Arise was just as good, picking up from where Hereafter ended. There is so much more Joshua and tons of more sparks between the two star-crossed lovers. 

But now there is also a little tension between them, as Amelia has started thinking about the future, and what it holds for the both of them. She doesn't want to hold Joshua back from his old friends... and she is even more worried about how long they will be able to keep this relationship up. While Joshua ages and grows old, Amelia will stay the same, thus creating a very Twilight-ish situation... only this time, the answer isn't as easy as one bite. But Joshua doesn't seem at all worried or nervous... and the fact that he is so oblivious and confident in their future together just makes Amelia feel even worse and more on edge.

To add to that, Amelia gets a warning that the Demons who took Eli to the Netherlands are now after her... determined to take her to the Netherlands and keep her there forever. She meets Joshua's seer relatives, who much to her shock can actually see her, and she starts feeling slightly normal. She also meets Alex, a quiet, mysterious, very powerful Seer who appears to be around every corner and promises Amelia comfort and help. But something about him seems... strange, and his presence always makes Amelia feel a little unsettled. She can't decide whether or not to trust him.

Desperate for answers, Amelia reaches out and finds fellow ghost, Gaby. They become friends against all odds and form an alliance against the Demons. Amelia starts feeling less ghostly and more... alive, as she spends more time with Gaby. But Joshua still presses on her mind, and as hard as she tries to leave him for his own good, she just can't.

Oh, Amelia. I feel for her, I really do. She's dead, there are vicious and determined Demons after her, and her relationship with Joshua isn't working... mostly because of the whole living/dead thing. Arise was such a roller-coaster ride! Packed with suspense and unexpected surprises around each corner, I couldn't put it down! And oh boy, I did not at all expect what happened in the end (well, maybe a little bit, but only because I highly suspect I'm psychic).

*Crickets chirp*

Anyway...if you are a fan of ghost stories or just love a great paranormal romance, you really should give Hereafter and Arise a go! 

4 Muffins - Simply Delectable!

**A huge thanks to Harper Collins for this ARC of Arise!**

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  1. Me too!! I think this has to be one of my favourite covers ever because the colours are so gorgeous and her dress is too! :) I was actually really worried about this book because, even though I REALLY want to read it, I was only okay with the first one. But your review convinced me! It sounds so sweet and a little sad.

    Hauntingly beautiful review for a hauntingly beautiful book, Riya! I can't wait to read this now! :) <3

    P.S. I totally think you could be psychic! ;)

  2. I love the cover for this too! And I can't wait to read this. Hereafter convinced me that I like ghost stories and I can't wait to read about what all happens in this second book.

  3. I still have Hearafter on my shelf. I need to get to it. I think I might be a bit psychic too. ;)

  4. I never heard of this series, but it sounds like Meg Cabot's Mediator series and more!

    I think I would be reading it soon (I highly suspect I'm psychic too! ;)

  5. Brrrr sounds scary... I can feel the tension just by your review! Now that's surely going up on my TBR, thanks for sharing! :)

    I'm now a proud new follower of your blog, do drop by mine @ too!


  6. How weird I JUST read a review for the first book! I'm definitely intrigued by this series even though I'm a bit weirded out about Ghost/human romance O_O

  7. I love this cover and the book sounds great too. Thanks for the awesome review! :D

  8. I am very much intrigued by this series. There are so many attracting elements to look for....the plot, the characters! Adding this to my TBR list! Thanks for the great review! :)

    ~ Maida @ Literary Love Affair

  9. I really liked Hereafter. Arise has a better cover compared to Hereafter and it sounds better too! I can't wait to read it

  10. I love Hereafter, I can't wait to read Arise. Thanks for the review!


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